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Apartments in Mason City, IL

Apartments in Mason City, IL

When you arrive in Mason City, IL, you’ll find plenty of great opportunities. Whether you’re looking for jobs, great schools or safe neighborhoods, you’ll find good apartments in Mason City, IL that are perfect for low-income residents. We seek to match you with the ideal apartment for your needs and budget. Here are some of the units we offer at this time:

Mason City Apartments

412 W Chestnut Street
424 W Chestnut Street
Mason City, IL 62664

Mason City residents can check out the Mason City Apartments, which have eight affordable housing units available. Four units are one-bedroom apartments, and four units are two-bedroom apartments. The Mason City Apartments are located in the Illini Central school district #189. Tenants will have to pay their electric bills, but the complex will take care of all water and sewage. There is also a dumpster for tenant use. Mason City Apartments are an equal opportunity provider and employer, and the complex follows current USDA Rural Development Regulations. Rent is based on family size, composition and income. We want all low and no income individuals and families to apply! Apartments come furnished with a stove and refrigerator. Prairieland Community management provides all building, apartment and yard maintenance.

Prairieland Community Development, committed to overall community development and growth, owns and operates Senior Assisted Living and Affordable Housing units throughout Illinois. Thus, our Property Management Services allow investors to rest easy knowing their investments are handled correctly. For your peace of mind, we manage all units in accordance with the latest laws and guidelines. Consequently, we can maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times. So, come down and check out our apartments in Mason City, IL today! If you like what you see, please call us today to book a showing.

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So, to learn more about our apartments in Mason City, IL, contact Prairieland Community Development at 309-210-0111. We are located at 1002 E. Laurel Ave Havana, IL for your convenience. In conclusion, please contact us today to inquire about the above apartments.


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