Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the waiting list for a Public Housing apartment in Havana?

Waiting list times vary quite a bit, but the average wait time is around 6 months to 1 year. Wait times often vary quite a bit as they depend on current households moving out before we have any sort of availability. The average wait time is around 6 months to 1 year, but your wait time could be more or less depending on specific circumstances.

What are preference points and what type of preference points does the housing authority use?

Housing authorities are allowed to choose preferences for waiting list applicants as long as they are fair and approved by HUD before implementation. There are 3 simple preferences that applicants may receive. These include 20 points for living or working within Mason County (or in one of our Rural Development properties outside of the county), 10 points if each household member is working or if they are elderly or disabled, and 10 points for being a veteran. Applicants cannot get a working preference if they already have an in-county preference and vice versa.

Are any utilities included or furnished at the Public Housing Apartments in Havana?

Tenants will be responsible for their own gas and electricity bills which are currently provided and serviced by Ameren Illinois. The housing authority provides water and sewer for all apartments and there is a dumpster on site for garbage and trash removal. Our staff also provides mowing and lawn care for the entire property; tenants are only responsible for keeping their yards picked up and items out of the way so that mowing can be completed.

How can I make sure I stay on the waiting list and don’t miss an opportunity for a unit offer?

Our housing authority recommends that all tenants stay in contact with the housing authority to keep us up to date on their mailing address and phone number so that staff can reach the applicant when their name comes up on the waiting list. Applicants should watch the mail for any and all correspondence sent by our housing authority. Once a year, the housing authority completes an annual waiting list purge. During this process, all applicants are sent a letter asking them to contact our agency to let us know whether or not they are still interested in remaining on the list. Anyone who has not contacted our agency within the time frame will be removed from the waiting list, and they will have to re-apply to be placed back on the waiting list in the future.

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